Service Explained

INITIAL SERVICE: Designed to flush out pests from there nesting sights . And attacking the adult pest population in and around your home. This may lead to a brief increase in pest activity (This means there were more insects inside your walls voids or in the ground outside).

INSIDE SERVICE – By applying a dust in wall voids by the sink areas. Then treating around all cracks and crevices in home(All levels of home).

OUTSIDE SERVICE – We apply a water activated granular that is spread throughout the yard(approximately 15 FT). After that we apply a non-soluble dust to all your vulnerable entry points. Then we place a liquid barrier around foundation of home. Covering Mulch beds,Bushes/Shrubs,Foundation,and any Weep holes around your home. finally we place dust on our Webster Pole and De-Web your eaves and awnings.Leaving it Spider-Web and Wasp Nest free. Leaving your home look better cosmetically While making it safer for you and your family.

GARAGE SERVICE – In the garage we clean up any Webs on the ceiling and corner of the walls NOTE(If windows are accessible we will knock down any Webs there as well). Then we treat all cracks and crevices to prevent future access. And we finish up by placing mice bait stations if wanted and monitoring stations by your garage sensors to see if any pests are breaching the home between your regular services.

CRAWL SPACE –¬†Your crawl space will have dust and/or liquid applied and entrance De-Webbed when needed. Also we will place monitoring stations to determine the severity of your problems.

REGULAR SERVICE – Your first regular service will be approximately 28 days after Initial Service. The second treatment is the most Important Service the reason for this is to break up the life cycle of your insects. It will eliminate any newly hatched insects then your following Regular services will protect you from new Invaders.

REGULAR SERVICE FREQUENCY: PER 30/60/90 DAYS The frequency depends on first and foremost on our Customers Request.If customer wants we will provide a plan depending on your active insect/rodent problems.